Covid is over Hello David

This is a story about mankind and a virus
Which will hopefully inspire us
Are you David with a slingshot 
Or are you the scary Goliath?

Maybe we need a different kind of virus
To fight the biggest disease: Ignorance
But will it ever find us? 
quite little is the chance.

The world became a nation
In Painful Disorientation
The earth is our host 
and we are almost lost

So if you have a dream
Just call it “my plan
For the future“
Don’t become a butcher
If you know what I mean

Listen to the poem:

Watch the clip and listen to the Painful Disorientation by Kevin MacLeod

Covid is Over! — Hello David.

Mensch und Virus. Aus Sicht des Virus ist der Mensch Goliath. Aus Sicht des Menschen ist der Virus der fast unbesiegbare Feind. Doch wie so oft steht sich der Mensch selbst im Weg. So sorgt falsche Kommunikation zu mehr Impfskepsis. Spritzen machen Angst. Doch eigentlich ist die Impfung der Stein in der Geschichte mit dem der Virus besiegt werden kann. Dann gibt es noch die Sicht der Erde, für die der Mensch ein Virus ist. Wer ist der nächste Wirt? Werden andere Planeten von uns verschont bleiben?

Sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen David und Goliath zugleich? 

Dazu passend die Musik mit dem Titel: Painful Disorientation von Kevin MacLeod

Man and virus. From the point of view of the virus, man is Goliath. From man’s point of view, the virus is the almost invincible enemy. But as is so often the case, man stands in his own way. Thus, false communication leads to more vaccination skepticism. Injections cause fear. But actually the vaccination is the stone in the story with which the virus can be defeated. Then there is the view of the earth, for which man is a virus. Who is the next host? Will other planets be spared from us?

Aren’t we all a bit David and Goliath at the same time? 

Matching the music with the title: Painful Disorientation by Kevin MacLeod

3 Billion shots!

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Coronavirus (Covid19) Recovery Breathing Exercises by Patrick McKeown

Nitric oxide, which is produced in large quantities in the paranasal sinuses and inhaled as a matter of course during nostril breathing, is also currently undergoing clinical trials in China, both as a treatment for Covid-19 patients and a preventative measure for healthcare workers.

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