Dear Scientist,

My name is Meichtry Stefan. I’m a chemist and you are a huge amount of atoms only! – Just like me!

But there is just one big difference: People who work with Scanning Electron Microscops (SEM) can see more!

I work with a SEM on a daily basis and I do LOVE it!

Everyday I discover new things that many of you out there are just not able to see! My equipment is not the newest available on the market. I used to work with a ZEISS DSM 910A! We use it for GSR-Analysis (Gun Shot Residue) – among many other things! Feel free to ask your questions if there is something  you don’t understand!

Kind regards from Bern – Switzerland,

Stefan Meichtry


BSE-Detector, Oxford Instruments (TETRA)
EDX-Detector, Oxford Instruments (B-15 Si(Li) 133eV/ S-ATW / 10mm2/E.6533)

SE-Detector, ZEISS

The EDX-Detector is cooled with liquid nitrogen and need to be refilled every once in a while!

INCA-Software, ( GSR, Mapping ; Point & ID)



Now I work with a ZEISS EVO MA 10


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