Dear Scientists / Artists

My name is Meichtry Stefan. I’m a chemical engineer and you are a huge amount of atoms ! – Just like me! 😉

There is just one big difference: People who work with Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) can see more!

Why Kissed By Electrons?

The surface of a known or unknown sample is “kissed” by electrons using the scanning electron microscope. This creates pictures that are unfortunately only black and white. In cooperation with artists from all over the world, we try to combine art with science. https://kissedbyelectrons.com/

What’s a Scanning Electron Microscope?

I work with a SEM on a daily basis and I do LOVE it!

Everyday I discover new things that many of you out there are just not able to see! My equipment is not the newest available on the market. I used to work with a ZEISS DSM 910A! We use it for GSR-Analysis (Gun Shot Residue) – among many other things! Now we work with the new AZtec-Software from OxfordInstruments and a Xmax 50_eDS-Detector. Science and Art should not be separated. That’s why I’ve created #KissedByElectrons.

If you are interested in a collaboration you can contact me:


Kind regards from Bern – Switzerland,

Stefan Meichtry

The equipment


BSE-Detector, Oxford Instruments (TETRA)
EDX-Detector, Oxford Instruments (B-15 Si(Li) 133eV/ S-ATW / 10mm2/E.6533)

SE-Detector, ZEISS

The EDX-Detector is cooled with liquid nitrogen and need to be refilled every once in a while!

INCA-Software, ( GSR, Mapping ; Point & ID) – Now, fortunately, we have an Xmax50 EDS-Detector and AZtec-Feature without liquid nitrogen.

Now I work with a ZEISS EVO MA 10

AZtecFeature EDS

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