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During a talk at the Kendriya Vidyalaya Principals Conference, Sadhguru looks at India’s education system, how schools need to be structured for a child’s genius to unfold, and how teachers can contribute in this.

00:00 Session Starts

12:32 How can we educate the economically backward parents to send their children to schools?

25:45 How to prevent our own intelligence turning into our own enemy?

37:40 How to be both unconventional and popular at the same time ?

48:45 How do children cope up with new cultural changes that are influenced by the media?

56:10 What is your opinion of people who try to run down the ethos of faith and values? What makes you happy and what makes you sad ?

1:12:07 Being a school teacher, how do I manage the conflict between my and my superior’s expectations ?

1:20:04 How can we address overall growth of child at school instead of just focusing only on his academics ?

Develope an EYE which is not Contaminated by Memory – Sadhguru

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