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Write a poem about art and science and the functioning of a scanning electron microscope

In the depths of the laboratory's heart,
Where science and art cannot be set apart,
The scanning electron microscope lies,
A marvel of technology that can analyze.

With precision and detail so fine,
It captures images of matter divine,
Revealing structures of the unseen,
Where beauty and complexity convene.

The microscope's beams scan the surface,
Revealing secrets that are often hidden from us,
With every image, a new discovery,
An unveiling of nature's mastery.

The art of science and technology unite,
As the microscope provides a new sight,
A window into the tiniest of things,
Where the unknown becomes a part of our being.

In the laboratory's heart, it resides,
A tool for those who wish to abide,
In the world of discovery and wonder,
Where art and science reign asunder.

So let us marvel at this wonder,
As we explore the tiniest of thunder,
For the microscope's art and science,
Is a reflection of nature's alliance.

What do you think about this poem?

"please make it funny and shorter"
In the lab, there's a machine,
The SEM, a scientist's dream,
It can magnify to reveal the small,
But beware, it'll show you warts and all.

It's a work of art, a masterpiece of science,
That can make even the bravest feel a bit off-balance,
But it helps us learn, so let's give it some credit,
The SEM, a tool that reveals the microscopic, no sweat!

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