Hello my name is Hairy

When you work with a scanning electron microscope, where you really only see black and white images, colors are a welcome change. Many thanks to Langley Anderson for this fantastic collaboration!

Hello my name is Hairy

Hello my name is Hairy
I’m flying to Miami
I might look a bit scarry
but I am not a fairy

My wings were colored by Langley
My eyes and hairs as well
Please follow my seet journey
‘Cause soon I am on sale

It started with a kiss
I was #KissedByElectrons
Memories filled with bliss
See my skin but not my bones

As charging is so tedious
My body was scatterd with gold
My name is not prometheus*
Hurry-up before I’m sold

Where can you try to find me?
Just buy me as an NFT in the open.sea!
Or come and fly with me
straight to SeeMe in Miami!

*Definition of Prometheus:
noun: (Greek mythology) the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind; Zeus punished him by chaining him to a rock where an eagle gnawed at his liver until Hercules rescued him.

Listen to Hairy

Do you prefere a female voice?

Here you can see a Video made with Canva


This poem is taking part in www.fastforwardscience.de #audiospezial and / or #openboxspezial.


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