Full as a tick – #SciArt

József Szakács made a very interesting artistic interpretation of a SEM-Picture with a tick. “A pop culture / cyberpunkish something ” as he calls it. But it is much more then that. It has several layers and several meanings. At the moment ticks are very acitve and those who have dogs certainly found some of them already this year… Let’s have a closer look:

(as) full as a tick

Having consumed large quantities of food or drink. A reference to a tick that is engorged with blood. There was so much delicious food at the banquet that I’m just full as a tick now.

Tick Lifecycle

Filming a living tick in the SEM? Why not?

Video from Ishigaki et al. http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3…

#SciArt-Collaboration WANTED!… 

If you would like make an artistic interpretation of an SEM-Picture as well, you can fill out the form on the following page:

#SciArt-Collaboration WANTED!… 


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